Registry FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)



What are your hours today?

The hours of operation vary depending on the office.  See the corresponding location page for further information.  St. Albert    Spruce Grove   Morinville    Westlock For most statutory holidays we are closed for the whole weekend, see our news section for more info on office closures.  

Road Test Scheduling & Availability

You can check online for our four registry offices road test availability through the following link.  You can also book and pay for the test through this site.          
Monthly Vehicle Registration renewals are organized by Last Name or Company name.  See the chart below showing which letter of the alphabet corresponds to which month. Expiry Month    /    Last Name or Company Name begins with:
January = A, I, J, Ke, U, X & all numbers
February = M & Q
March = B & Y
April = D & G
May = C & N
June = Cl, H & Sc
July = Av, Be, L, Sz, V & Z
August = E, Gr & R
September = F, Po & T
October = S
November = K & P
December = Me, O & W
  The following link is also the pdf version of this chart that may be helpful in finding when you need to register your vehicle Registry Expiry Month Chart .    
Please see the Alberta Heath Care page for detail information, links to the forms required to apply for, updates, additions & deletions.
A Valid Pink Card from your insurance company is Proof of Insurance and is required for all Motor Vehicle services.
Please see Getting Your Drivers Licence This page also advises what to do if you have lost your licence.
Please see Permit & Road Tests for more information.
Drayden Registries now provides all Corporate Registry Services! Drayden Registries will incorporate named or numbered companies, revivals, annual returns, trade names, partnerships and all amendments.