Deductible Reimbursement Insurance



No matter how careful you try to be every day, accidents and weather related incidents can cause havoc in your life. With your insurance plan, you pay premiums to protect your home and assets, but if you have to file a claim there’s still a deductible to pay.

Having a lower deductible means your insurance premiums will be higher. On the other hand, a higher deductible means lower premiums, but who can really afford to pay that higher deductible when an accident happens?

With the help of Drayden Insurance Ltd. and Prize Indemnity Underwrites Inc., you’ll be able to afford a higher deductible and lower your monthly premiums through our new program. We are now pleased to offer deductible reimbursement insurance in Edmonton. If you end up filing an insured claim, we’ll reimburse your deductible back to you.

Why Choose Deductible Reimbursement Insurance in Edmonton?

All personal insurance policies have deductibles that must be paid when insurance claims are filed. While insurance rates continue to rise, we have found a unique way to save you money when the unthinkable happens and you actually need your insurance. We insure your deductible.

Now you can purchase a policy with a higher deductible, whether for your home or your vehicles, and save on your premium. Then, when you purchase deductible reimbursement insurance, the deductible on your primary policy is recovered in the event of a claim. In other words, you will be reimbursed the cost of the deductible.

How Does Deductible Reimbursement Insurance Work?

If you purchase the deductible reimbursement policy you will be reimbursed the deductible to the max of what you paid out.

With our deductible reimbursement insurance, you can purchase a policy for a deductible ranging between $500 and $2500. This allows you to pick a higher deductible, lower your premiums, and pay less if you have to file a claim.

We offer this deductible reimbursement policy for all types of personal insurance policies, including:

Within these policies, we’ll be able to cover your principle residence and contents, seasonal residences, and vehicles of all types including boats, motorcycles, ATVs, vacation trailers, snowmobiles, and more.

Car accidents and property loss are extremely stressful times. You don’t want to have to worry about paying off your deductible on top of everything else. By choosing deductible reimbursement insurance in Edmonton, you can have one less thing on your plate during such a stressful time. Call Drayden Insurance Ltd. to learn more about our deductible insurance policy.