Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage in Edmonton



No matter how well you run your business, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit at least once during the years you’re in operation. One lawsuit is all it takes to seriously compromise the future of your business and how you run it. Be prepared for these worst-case scenarios by getting commercial general liability (CGL) insurance from Drayden Insurance Ltd.

As the commercial insurance brokers Edmonton trusts, we can help you find the necessary coverage you need for your business, optimizing for maximum protection and formulating convenient payment plans that work for your budget. If you aren’t sure what type of commercial insurance is right for your business, Drayden Insurance Ltd. can provide information and guidance to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Commercial General Liability?

Commercial general liability or CGL is your standard form of insurance protection for businesses. It can help you if you find yourself being sued by customers or visitors to your location who have had an accident on your premises as well as protecting you if property damage is caused to third parties by your product. CGL insurance can also cover you if your business causes injuries or property damage at your customers’ location.

Why It’s Important to Have Commercial General Liability Insurance

Unexpected lawsuits can threaten your business. With CGL, you can keep your business protected from huge financial loss, shielding your cash-flow when accidents occur. Getting this kind of insurance is an important investment as it provides the resources needed to keep your business running should unexpected lawsuits and similar costs occur. CGL is especially important for small businesses and retail stores as some clients won’t sign contracts or do business with you unless you have CGL insurance. This can make a big difference in the kind of clients and revenue you are able to bring in.

What Commercial General Liability Protects You From

Our commercial insurance brokers in Edmonton can help shape your CGL insurance package to fit your specific business needs. We can make sure you’re protected from:

  • Property Damage & Bodily Injury Liability – Protecting your employees, products, equipment, and anything else to do with your business that may cause damage or injury to third parties or to third parties’ property.
  • Liability for Personal Injuries – This protects your business from damages caused to a person’s reputation or character. For example, someone might try to sue you for slander, libel, or other similar claims.
  • Coverage for Medical Payments – Accidents happen; CGL can provide coverage if these accidents happen on your location or are a result of how you conducted your business. This covers medical costs of the injured person.
  • Legal Liability for Tenants – If you do not own your businesses’ premises, for example you rent or lease a space in an office complex or strip mall, CGL can protect you in the case of fire or water damage. The owner of the property will be compensated. Damages to your own property (e.g. computers, inventory, etc.) are not covered, and you will have to get your own commercial property insurance to cover these.

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