Overcome Machinery Failure with Equipment Breakdown Coverage



Would your business be covered if your machinery unexpectedly shut down? How long would you be able to stay afloat if an equipment failure brought your production to a grinding halt? If you operate a commercial or industrial site that uses heavy machinery and equipment, these are the types of questions you have to consider. The livelihood of your business – and your employees – is at stake. While property insurance may cover your building and contents, it most likely isn’t enough for your mechanical equipment.

At Drayden Insurance, we offer all types of business insurance in Edmonton to make sure you are prepared for any situation. With the right equipment breakdown coverage, you can keep your business up and running in the face of a potentially catastrophic mechanical failure.

Why You Need Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment failure and the prolonged downtime it causes can be catastrophic without the right coverage. Even if your business was able to continue in the short term, the financial impact could eventually lead to closure. The right equipment breakdown policy can cover you for:

  • Interruption of your business
  • Loss of income caused by the equipment failure
  • Extra expenses needed to keep your operation viable
  • Hazardous cleanup necessitated by the mechanical breakdown
  • Fees incurred to secure and relocate to an alternate site

Also known as boiler and machinery insurance, this type of policy can now be specified to cover various types of equipment and systems including computer-controlled devices, HVAC systems and industrial robotic equipment. In order for the coverage to be activated, the failure must come from the equipment and not caused by an outside force or neglect.

A Proactive Approach from an Experienced Team

There are many variables to consider and a licensed broker at Drayden Insurance will guide you to a policy that makes sense for your operation. We partner with some of the top Canadian insurers and we’ve been a trusted partner for businesses throughout Western Canada for over 50 years. We believe in a proactive approach, which is why we offer services such as risk inspections, strategy meetings and disaster planning. Regular scheduled strategy meetings give you an opportunity to discuss your policy limits and current coverages with your broker and plan for the future.

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Protect against disaster and keep your business operating in the face of an equipment failure with the help of Drayden Insurance. Our independent brokerage works with commercial clients of all types and will customize a policy specified to your unique operation. Give us a call to get started on your free quote. As your local leader for business insurance in Edmonton, we have locations throughout the area to serve you.