Life Insurance Policies in Edmonton Area



Policies for life insurance in Edmonton can be a complex subject to wade through. At Drayden Insurance, we take the complexity out of the equation for you and will help you pinpoint the exact policy that fits your needs. We will work with you throughout your lifetime and be here for you if and when those needs change.

Trust Drayden to Give You Coverage for Life

With eight locations in Edmonton and area, we’ve got an office close to you where you can sit down and talk to a representative in person about customized policies and even get life insurance quotes on the options discussed.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

In Edmonton, term life insurance is usually the least expensive type of life insurance because it only covers you for a specific period of time. It does not include the cash value or other options of whole or universal life policies. Many people start off with a term policy and progress to a different life insurance policy once they start earning more income, since term life insurance policies often do not provide for the long term needs of a family or individual.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life policies cover you for your entire life rather than just a specific period of time. There are many advantages available to you with a Whole Life policy, including estate planning and traditional coverage for funerals and associated expenses. Whole Life insurance is also referred to as permanent insurance. A permanent Edmonton life insurance policy may be the best choice for a growing family, taking care of needs for today as well the future.

Universal Life Insurance

A Universal Life policy gives you all the benefits of Whole Life insurance with the added benefits of an accrued cash value. To protect your legacy against taxes levied on traditional methods of investment, the accrued cash value can be reinvested tax free within the policy. This policy is best for children or an established individual who is interested in wealth accumulation and management. You may also consider a policy that is paid in full after a certain amount of time – your policy stays in force even though you do not have to make anymore payments after a certain number of years.

We are one of the leaders in the Edmonton life insurance landscape. Contact us to arrange for an appointment today to talk about your insurance needs!