Insurance Brokers for Edmonton & Beyond

Since its founding in 1965, Drayden Insurance Ltd. has grown substantially, now representing the majority of leading Canadian and International insurance providers. When you’re searching for insurance brokers in Edmonton who will take the time to understand you, your family or your business’s specific insurance concerns, turn to Drayden Insurance.

As an independent brokerage, our team can comprehensively search the market and build customized insurance protection plans for you and what you value most. We take pride in treating our customers honestly and fairly, which is one of the reasons we have more than 30,000 satisfied clients across eight locations in Alberta.

Don’t leave your life and livelihood to chance. Contact Drayden Insurance today to learn how our team of insurance professionals can customize the perfect insurance coverage to fit your needs.

Drayden’s Assured™ Program

When you partner with Drayden Insurance you can rest easy knowing that as our valued customer we will put your best interests first. Whether it’s personal, commercial, farm or registry products, Drayden’s ASSURED™ program provides a customized approach and solutions that work for you or your business. Another way Drayden is “Here. For you.”

Edmonton Insurance Brokers Serving the Community

At Drayden Insurance, our Edmonton insurance brokers have access to a multitude of insurance companies and have established strong ties with each, forged by years of trust. This allows us to completely review a provider’s many insurance options, always searching for the right plan at the right price for our clients. We’ve helped people from all walks of life protect what they cherish; from new homeowners to new drivers, small and large businesses alike have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from having comprehensive insurance coverage from a leading provider.

When we say we can insure all aspects of your life, we mean it! We offer a wealth of insurance plans, including:

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