Preparing for a Vacation

Safety Tips to Reduce the Possibility of a Loss while you are away on vacation

If you are going away on vacation, please consider these loss prevention tips!

  • Plan to have someone trustworthy check your house daily:
  1. To pick up your mail. You may even want to cancel your paper delivery.
  2. To check inside your house for any possible water leaks or heating problems (especially in the winter months)
  • Turn off the water to your dishwasher & washing machine
  1. You may want to have your water heater checked if it is more than 10 years old
  • To protect against damage from power surges, unplug major appliances. (ie: TV’s, computers)
  • To discourage possible intruders:
  1. Close all curtains or blinds
  2. Have your radio and lights in the home set on timers to turn on/off automatically
  • If you are not taking your vehicle, purchase a safety device to lock the steering wheel, while you are away.

Have a safe and enjoyable vacation!


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