Corporate Name Search (NUANS)



Please be advised payment is due via Option Pay before the NUANS search will be conducted.

NUANS Report

An Alberta biased NUANS report will check to see if a proposed Corporate Name is already in use Federally as well as protected Trademarks that may inhibit its use. If the name you have chosen is available, the NUANS report will reserve the proposed name for 90 days from the date of the search.

A pre-search of your chosen name will be done on the Alberta Corporate Registry Data Base for exact or similar matches. If we discover that the name is not available based on the pre-search we will contact you to see if you would like to try a different name or to refund your money.

Please note that if the name does not appear on the pre-search but does appear on the NUANS as being already in use, you would need to purchase another NUANS if you would like to search for a different name.

Please complete the below form to request a NUANS. 

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    **If the legal entity you are wanting is not included in the above list please visit our office to complete the NUANS report.

    Please note that an Alberta Trade Name or Partnership Name does not require a NUANS in order to be registered.

    Please review the information you have provided before pressing send