Other Miscellaneous Questions

Can I pay my fines here?

Yes, we do accept Part 3 Offence Notice and Notice of Administrative Penalty Fine payments through all our Drayden Registry locations.  When paying a fine that has not passed its court date, please bring the original ticket in with you.

If you are paying a ticket that has passed its court date, please note there is an approximate two week waiting period before late fines are payable through a registry office. Once past due, the original ticket is no longer required for payment.

Can I have a document commissioned here?

Yes, we offer commissioner services for Alberta in all our Drayden Registry offices.  Please contact the office you are wishing to visit directly for more information on hours of availability for our commissioner of Oaths.

Do you offer passport photos?

We do not offer passport photos at any of our locations.

Do you have passport forms?

Drayden Registry Locations no longer carry passport applications.  These forms are  available through your local Canada Post office or online.

How do I get my boat operators licence?

This test is now available online! To write your Boat Operators licence, you no longer need to come into our office.  Visit Ace Boater to write your test online today!

Does Drayden offer Language Translation Services?

Language Translation services are available in all Drayden Registry locations for a wide variety of languages.  These can be completed as quick as 2-3 business days!

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