Winter Safety Tips to Minimize Insurance Claims

Drayden Insurance Shares Top Winter Safety Tips to Minimize Insurance Claims

Edmonton, Alberta, November 30, 2011 – Edmonton Insurance Broker, Drayden Insurance Ltd, is offering their top winter safety advice to help minimize any losses or claims on home or auto insurance, often experienced during the snowy season.

Slipping and falling are experienced more in winter months due to weather trends so it is important for people to keep their walkways clear of ice and snow at all times. This will reduce the risk of a possible lawsuit and/or fines from the city.

For anyone going away this winter, Drayden Insurance emphasizes the importance of having someone responsible check an individual’s property every day to keep their home insurance coverage valid.  As an alternative, or in addition to, it is a good idea to drain/shut off all water systems and maintain the heat at a reasonable temperature while away to avoid frozen pipes.

For those that enjoy using wood-burning fireplaces on those cold blustery nights; make sure the fireplace and chimney are properly maintained and cleaned prior to seasonal usage.  This is in case there are unwanted house guests that could cause damage or fire.  Many also make use of candles more often in the colder months; please avoid any claims due to fire by using proper care and attention to ensure both the fire and candles are completely out prior to retiring for the night.

Drayden Insurance also recommends people protect their home from damage due to excess snow buildup.  Keep drains, gutters and downspouts clear. Blocked drains and gutters can trap snow on the roof and when the temperature rises and melting occurs these can easily freeze over becoming very heavy and then pull away from the house potentially causing damage.  Blocked drains and gutters can also become the starting place for ice dams; Ice dams can prevent proper draining and water that backs up behind the dam can leak into your home.  Consider checking your attic for proper insulation & ventilation, both are important to keep ice dams at bay.  For more information see the Ice Dam Prevention link under our Safety & Loss Tips section of our website.

Loreen Belovich, CEO of Drayden Insurance says “though the snow has pretty much held off so far this winter, it is still important to remember to keep your roof clear of snow to prevent roof collapse.  Building designs determine how much loading a roof can withstand.  Although a collapse can occur on any roof surface, flat roofs are more susceptible to snow and ice accumulation and ice blockages.”

To avoid any auto insurance claims this winter, and to keep safe, Drayden Insurance recommends winterizing vehicles; use the proper tires, drive for the road conditions and keep an emergency road kit on board complete with a blanket, flares, reflectors and candles.  Other items to consider in case stuck in the snow for an extended period of time is water and energy bars.  Take precautions when leaving the vehicle running, spare keys and locked doors are paramount during the wintery weather. Lastly, never leave children unattended in a running vehicle and PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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