Truck Drivers: Make Sure Your Commercial Vehicle Is Safe

Truck Drivers: Make Sure Your Commercial Vehicle Is Safe

In recent years, commercial truck drivers have been kept on their toes. In just three days, the Edmonton Police Service is able to perform commercial vehicle inspections on more than 250 vehicles each weighing over 4500 kilograms.

  • In 2013, 42% of inspected vehicles were declared unfit for the road. In 2014, this figure rose to a shocking 52%.
  • Out of the 251 vehicles that were inspected in 2014, under a third passed the inspection. The remaining trucks were either repaired or towed.
  • In 2014, out of the 251 inspections, 729 violations were reported! This averages out to almost 3 violations per vehicle.

These numbers are concerning, to say the least; they’re downright alarming when you consider the fact that as a truck driver, you’re responsible for your own vehicle, which if is unsafe could affect others on the road.  Do your part in reversing this dangerous trend by meticulously inspecting and maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis.

So how exactly do you pass a commercial vehicle inspection in Edmonton?

Here are main things an inspector will be keeping a close eye on:

  • Are they adjusted correctly?
  • Can it handle the rigors of the road?
  • Wheels & Tires. Are they aligned, attached and inflated correctly? Do they have the appropriate tread depth?
  • Load security. Are your goods too heavy or big? Have you secured them safely?
  • Are you fit for the road? Are you properly licensed?
  • Goods. Are you transporting hazardous or illegal items?
  • Is everything in good working order and well maintained?

The Government of Alberta has published a number of comprehensive resources pertaining to commercial vehicle safety, including insightful advice and exhaustive training documentation. If you wish to prepare for your commercial vehicle inspection in Edmonton, you can easily find a wealth of information on the subject by visiting Alberta Transportation’s website.

The good news? You’re not alone!

As a commercial truck driver in Edmonton, doing your own commercial vehicle inspection regularly is vitally important. It is one of the keys to ensuring the safety of you and your vehicle on the road. After all, keeping those vehicle inspection officers happy is important – but not as important as your own safety.

What other steps should you take towards peace of mind, on and off the road? Properly insuring yourself and your vehicle is certainly a smart place to start.

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