Potential Canada Post Strike

With the possibility of a national postal disruption, Drayden has a plan ready to ensure we maintain service and to minimize disruption to our customers.

Mail Service could come to a halt on July 2nd.  Here are some of the outlines we are putting in place:

  • Client Payment
    Agency Bill policy – please contact our office, payment can be made by e-Transfer.
    Direct Bill policy – please pay online directly to the company.  If this does not work for you, please contact our office for help or more payment options.
  • Pink Card
    Pink cards may be picked up at our office, or can be emailed. Please contact our office to make appropriate arrangements.
  • Policy documents
    Customer policies and mail will be processed and held in a secure location, within the branch.  If you are waiting for anything urgent, please contact our office and discuss the option to email the policy and billing documents.

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