Motorcycle & Snowmobile Insurance: Tips for Winter


Wintertime is here, and some toys are going in the garage while others are being brought out for seasonal fun. Getting your coverage from an insurance broker like Drayden can mean all the difference in the choices for coverage that are available to you.


Motorcycle Insurance

Proper winter storage is one of the key factors in keeping your motorcycle in good condition. Edmonton has more extreme winter conditions than most urban centres in Canada, so it’s extra important to make sure your precious bike is tucked away properly for the winter. Contact your dealer or a dealer for information and tips to ensure you have properly winterized. Drayden offers a number of options for motorcycle insurance.



Snowmobile Insurance

Great news; if you’re a member of the Alberta Snowmobile Association, Drayden can offer you up to 40% off your premiums, including your home and auto insurance. If you aren’t yet a member, consider joining for this and other great benefits, including discounts off of other products and services, local club membership, and exciting events.


Don’t get on the trails until you are insured for your own peace of mind and that of your fellow riders. While every rider tries to be as safe as possible, accidents can happen and you’ll need the coverage if they do. If you already have snowmobile insurance, contact your broker when you get your machine out of storage so they can make sure your coverage is up to date.



Why Drayden is the Best Choice for Your Toys


We may jokingly call our motorcycles and snowmobiles our toys, but in reality they’re expensive assets that you need to protect. An insurance broker like Drayden is the best choice for insurance coverage because we’re in your community and can offer advice on insuring these ‘toys’ .


With eight offices in Edmonton and area, you can be sure that a Drayden location is close to you if you ever just want to drop in and ask about insurance. Contact us to find out how we can help you save money on your policies and get the coverage you need for your motorcycles and snowmobiles.

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