Insurance Policy Endorsements

Beef Up Your Insurance Policy with Endorsements

We’ve all heard this story. Maybe it was your friend, or neighbour, or even a family member that told you. A sewer back-up destroys the carpet, a home is robbed and valuable items are lost, a neighbour slips on ice on the front step . . . and it wasn’t covered by the insurance policy.
Don’t face the nightmare of denied claims. Leave risk out of the equation, and take a look at some of the endorsements that can protect you, even when your basic insurance policy doesn’t:

Sewer Back-up

When the sewer backs-up, loss of property is not far behind. This home insurance endorsement covers most kinds of water damage from sewer/septic system, drains, and sump pump failure—to downspout and eave troughs. Ensure that your home and possessions will be replaced if water damage destroys them.

Personal Liability

When someone is injured on your property, or claims that your negligence caused damage to their property (think slip and fall or the wind slamming shingles into your neighbour’s car), your basic homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover it. The personal liability endorsement can add extra security to protect you in the event you are sued.


Most basic policies have limited coverage for items inside your home like jewellery, collectibles, or silverware. A floater endorsement adds coverage for your valuables, should the worst happen. You can fully cover your property rather than hoping that your coverage will be enough.

Identity Theft

Did you know you can get coverage on your home policy that covers you when an identity theft strikes? This endorsement covers you when someone uses your social insurance number, credit card, driver’s license, or other personal ID numbers.

Boats, Trailers, Equipment, Accessories

You can buy an endorsement for most possessions you keep at your home like your watercraft, equipment, accessories, and personal effects. Simply ask your agent about adding an endorsement to cover your additional items.

Affordable Coverage

Endorsements are one of the most affordable ways to get coverage that will keep you protected when things don’t go as planned. An endorsement ensures that there’s no question whether or not your claim will be taken care of.
Drayden Insurance LTD can help you beef up your policy so you can rest assured that you are covered, no matter the circumstances. Contact us for more information.

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