Here. For our employees.



Employees are vital partners, and our brand promise extends to you and your employee experience. We want you to trust in the momentum of change and genuinely feel:

  • I matter to Drayden. They trust me and value the work that I do.
  • Drayden proactively supports my skills and knowledge growth and my personal development so that I can achieve my career goals.
  • Drayden sets me up for success by providing the training and tools that I need to do my job.
  • Drayden is here for me; the genuinely care about me and my community.
  • Drayden keeps me informed with clear and honest communication, and helps me adapt to change.
  • Drayden values my feedback; I’m encouraged to share new ideas that promote positive, progressive change that enhances the employee experience.
  • Drayden provides me with a safe, professional work environment with a positive culture that embraces teamwork.