Expert Forestry Program



Drayden Insurance Ltd insures Forestry Companies based in Alberta with innovative insurance products and risk control evaluations provided by Economical Insurance. 


Preferred Classes of Business include:

  • Forest Product Transportation (Individual Owner Operators to Large Fleets)
  • Logging and Harvesting
  • Log Road Construction
  • Sorting Yards
  • Tree Farms
  • Reforestation
  • Post Logging Environmental Restoration
  • Timber Cruising

Program Highlights:

  • Logging Broad Form – covers damage to logs, log rafts and cribs, trespass cutting, loading & unloading
  • Forest Fire Fighting Expenses is included at $500,000 limit.
  • Ice & Muskeg Coverage for Equipment
  • Limited Replacement Cost for Logging Equip (Up to 3 Yrs)
  • Permission to Rent Contractors Equipment
  • Limited Pollution Coverage Available
  • Business Interruption – Actual Loss Sustained: Available
  • Legal Expense and Defense Cost Reimbursement $25.000 Limit
  • General Liability $2 million, additional limits available to $10 million
  • Combined Single Deductible
  • Commercial Automobile Loss of Use/Downtime Coverage Available
  • Higher Limits are available on request for most covers

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