Employee Testimonials



In our recent Employee Engagement Survey, employees were asked “What do you like best about working for this company?” here were some of the responses:

Trust the management team, there is a singular vision. Treated ethically and there is a genuine care/concern for the employees. –Administration

I love that Drayden quickly adapts to change. –Administration

Our team is incredibly supportive of each other, and there is no guessing what is required in our daily tasks or overall positions. –Edmonton

I am extremely proud to work with a company that is focused on it’s community. –Fort Saskatchewan

Safe, stable and innovative company who values their customers and employees. -Leduc

I am always impressed how forward thinking this company is and how quickly we can adjust to the changing times. -Leduc

I really do believe that Drayden has their core values and they mean it. Many companies have their ‘beliefs’ but they are mostly just slogans to proclaim in front of the masses so that clients feel more justified in doing business with them. I see daily the intention from every level as well as management to live out those values and create a healthy work environment. -Registries

This company really is what a successful business looks like, I am proud every day to say I work with Drayden. We contribute to the community in so many ways, and the company does a lot to make sure the staff feel valued and important. – Registries

I enjoy the teamwork and the positive environment and the chance to learn and upgrade my skills. – Registries

I am always encouraged to keep learning and strive for my best by my leaders. I never feel like I am not supported in whatever I choose to pursue. – Registries

How Drayden is well known and respected in the insurance industry, and how they pride themselves on exceptional client experience. – Morinville

I love being apart of the Drayden team. I like that I have a supportive team to back me up & that I am appreciated for the hard work that I do. – Spruce Grove

It gives me the opportunity to build good working relationships with my clients. We also have a great team that supports each other both in/out of the office. – St. Albert

Excellent place to work – I feel that Management really cares about their employees and everyone is set up for success. –St. Albert

I enjoy the opportunities for growth and advancement. Drayden is a great place to work and my peers are excellent to work with. – Stony Plain 

Strong values, proper procedures, great office employees. – Stony Plain 

I have always been a big fan of the way we train and prepare brand new people. –Westlock

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