Employee Testimonials




Drayden is a brokerage that is proactive and continually evolving. They really care about their employees and are always working on new initiatives to keep employees engaged.  – Rena, IBU Coordinator

Right from my initial interview with Drayden, I suspected that they would provide me with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Everything I suspected is true. I’ve been offered many different growth opportunities including full access to an internal training facilitator, a company library, education programs, and progressive responsibilities. – Brandy, Account Executive

Drayden is a company that wants you to succeed. They help you discover what your true talents are and they support you with a training and development plan to help you achieve your career goals. – Melide, Account Manager

Drayden always strives to provide their employees with the most up-to-date technology, training and resources that enable us to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. – Blair, Account Manager


Drayden is always exploring ways to improve and adapt to an ever changing industry. Knowing that my opinion and feedback is valued and recognized is important to me.  – Craig, Account Manager

The door at Drayden is always open to voice your concerns and ideas. They really listen to their employees and that makes a difference for me. – Veronica, Registries Supervisor


Drayden is a great organization to work for with an enormous  support system including a great team of individuals at my finger tips that I can count on to be there for me. – Michelle, Account Manager

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