What to Do After a Fender Bender



What to Do After a Fender Bender

Advice from Experienced Edmonton Insurance Brokers

Auto accidents are never planned and always stressful. With your heart beating and mind racing, it can be easy to overlook the steps necessary to make documentation, insurance claims, and legal reports easier. If you have recently had a minor car accident in Edmonton, or like to be prepared for whatever the road brings your way, read the tips below. Your Edmonton insurance brokers will be able to walk you through additional tips and best practices that are tailored to your unique circumstances and vehicle.

Never drive without insurance. New drivers and experienced drivers alike should have adequate insurance coverage to take care of minor accidents and major at-fault troubles. Invest in an affordable and reliable vehicle insurance policy with Edmonton insurance brokers for security and protection.

3 Steps to Follow After a Fender Bender in Edmonton

If you find yourself in a fender bender, follow these 3 steps to make your paperwork, insurance claim, or legal documentation an easier process:

  1. Check Safety: It can be disorienting and uncomfortable when you have an accident, even if it is minor. The first priority with any mishap on the road is to ensure the safety of all people involved and limit the risk of more issues occurring. Clarify the safety and health of every party involved and call necessary emergency personnel if required. If possible, move vehicles so that they do not obstruct traffic.
  2. Document Everything: Do not rely on your memory when it comes time to note key details. This information will be crucial for insurance and police, so recording everything on paper, in your phone, or in photos is necessary. Take the other driver’s information, including contact number, Insurance Company & policy number, license plate, make, and model of their vehicle. Take photos of any damage and note the time, location, and what happened.
  3. Report the Collision: Check local guidelines for reporting a collision to ensure you avoid any fines and any debris or delays can be handled by the proper authorities. Call your Edmonton insurance broker at the accident site or afterwards. If you are feeling unnerved and anxious, it can be helpful to have an experienced professional walk you through the necessary steps. If you feel calm and the damage is not severe, you may be able to wait until the immediate issues have been handled.

Ensure Proper Coverage with Edmonton Insurance Brokers

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