Do you have Tenants Insurance?



Do you have Tenants Insurance?

As a homeowner normally you have liability, fire and theft insurance for your home. Why is it, then, 53 per cent of Canadians who rent don’t have insurance?

Regardless of your age, financial and family situation, or legal obligations, the fact is, tenant insurance is vital! Not having any could prove disastrous.

If you have any questions about tenant insurance, call an Edmonton insurance broker. Get an insurance quote in Edmonton—you’ll see how affordable it is and you’ll wonder why you never had a tenant policy before!

Let’s take a look at why tenant insurance is so important and what tenant insurance covers:

  • Most of time we think of liability insurance as something that covers us if someone is injured in our home and sues us. But did you know that you are also liable if your kitty knocks over a candle and starts a fire, or your bath overflows, and neighbours’ property is damaged as a result? If you don’t have liability insurance, you could face catastrophic financial consequences! Liability insurance means items such as lawsuits and legal fees are covered. Talk to your personal  and commercial insurance broker in Edmonton for a tenant and auto insurance quote—you’ll breathe a whole easier!
  • The beauty of tenant insurance is that you can tailor it to your needs. For example, you can get coverage for cyber theft; for possessions stolen in a break-in or out of your car; or if you are mugged. You can choose between depreciated or replacement value coverage. You can even have designated policies to cover specific items, like your baseball card collection or family heirlooms, or even if something is lost!
  • Perils include things like fire and natural disasters. Talk to your Edmonton insurance broker for specifics, because you also have options here—“all-risk” policies insure your home and contents against the broadest range of perils, while others will only include fire.
  • The perks. If ever you are forced to leave your home due to natural disasters or fire, your tenant policy will also cover food and lodging and other unexpected expenses until you are able to return home or find another. Insurance companies will also often offer discounts if you “bundle” your policies. Talk to your home and commercial insurance broker in Edmonton for a tenant and auto insurance quote. They might be able to save you some money!

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