Insurance Tips for When You Take That Trip!



Insurance Tips for When You Take That Trip!

The world is opening back up, but are you opening up your home to the world?  

As the world begins to open up again, many people are starting to look for their next great vacation.

The trip gets closer and you re-confirm your flight times, research packing lists, check the new rules and restrictions and even buy travel insurance. But in-between all this excitement, did you remember to protect your assets back at home? Whether your travel plans are an extended dream journey or a short getaway, it would be a shame if your relaxing vacation was spoiled by an incident that arose while you were gone.

Following these few extra security measures while your home is empty may give you more peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your long-awaited holiday to its fullest!

Social Media No No’s:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have become reliant on technology to keep us connected. However, it is in your best interest to stay off of social media and refrain from announcing your travel plans publically. Sharing travel dates, updating your status from the airport, or even posting pictures of you and your family while on a beautiful beach or at a mountain retreat may seem like fun, but it is also alerting potential thieves that your home may be empty and vulnerable for a significant period of time. Keep your photos to share once you are back home.

Set Yourself Up for Security System Success:

A monitored home security system is often the first line of defense both at home and while you are away. Homeowners can choose from a variety of providers who can monitor your home for losses such as fire, burglary or even water escape by making use of sensors placed throughout your home.

When triggered, a sensor will activate an on premise alarm that could notify your neighbors of potential problems or scare away would be burglars. It will also send a message to the alarm company who will alert the appropriate emergency service (i.e. fire department or police). Alarm systems can be costly, but they are worth it comes to protecting one of your largest investments – your property. Remember to arm the system before you leave!

Curtain Consideration:

You’re ready to go on your trip and to be pro-active you’ve purchased timers for all your indoor and outdoor lights to help make it look like you are still home, and that is a great idea! But what about the exterior appearance of the home?

If you usually leave your living room curtains open or bedroom blinds half way down and suddenly they are all shut tight for days on end, this may notify a passersby that the home is vacant. Try to keep your curtains and blinds in a similar position to help give the appearance your usual day to day activity is still taking place.

Neighbourly Nattering’s:

Try and give your neighbours a heads up you will be out of town. This can be a useful way to help ensure that someone is keeping an eye on the exterior of the property, even if they are doing so subconsciously. If those who live around you know you are away and they see something out of the norm, it may trigger them to take a closer look.

Check-In and Check-Out:

Like many people, when you are getting ready to travel you clean the house and empty the trash before you leave; however, this may not be enough. Your home can still stand out as unoccupied if the trash bin isn’t returned to its normal spot, if the grass isn’t mowed, the snow hasn’t been shoveled, no new tire marks can be seen in the driveway, or if the mail hasn’t been picked up. Ask an individual you trust to drop by regularly and complete these tasks. This will help to ensure your home looks lived in and someone is there to notify you or the local authorities of any signs of break-ins.

Insurance companies have varying requirements on how often the home should be checked on when it is unoccupied such as the time frame and season in which you will be away. Contact your local Drayden Insurance Broker to review your specific policy requirements prior to leaving.

Hidden Treasures:

You and your family are ready to go, you have checked every door and window and ensured they are locked and sealed (including your garage door, shed, and basement windows). You even took an inventory of your home’s contents, but did you remember to remove the spare key hidden under the rock next to your steps? Burglars know where to look and a forgotten hidden key gives them easy access to your home

As an extra precaution, did you remember to slide a simple piece of wood or a long metal rod into the tracks of the sliding windows and doors so that they can’t be pushed open? These simple tricks can also help protect thieves from entering your home.

Pour Over Your Policy:

Check your home insurance is valid and up to date before you go. Should something happen to your home while you are away, you will want to be able to rely upon your insurer to help you.

Some insurance companies may not require you to alert them when you will be away on a short vacation, but if you are leaving your home for any period of time, it is always in your best interest to review your policy wordings and requirements as it could affect the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

For you to truly enjoy your well-earned holiday, you should ensure you have enough measures in place to take care of your home and property while you are away. From asking a neighbor to check on your home to installing the latest and greatest alarm system, it is your responsibility to ensure you are safe guarding your home. The precautions you take will help you come back to a home that is exactly how you left it.

Contact your local Drayden Insurance Broker for more ways you can protect your home before you leave on a vacation. Our team will be happy to assist you. We are Here. For You.

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