Save Money On Car Insurance



Save Money On Car Insurance

These days, nobody wants to spend more than they have to on car insurance. Given the economic situation in Alberta, there’s no better time to budget wisely—and no better person to speak to than your Edmonton insurance broker if you are serious about saving on car insurance. Here are answers to some common questions on car insurance.


  • Where do I start? Before you buy! When you shop for a vehicle, take into account the fact that insurance rates vary greatly according to the vehicle type and model. The number of security and safety features on the vehicle may also affect rates.
  • Who offers the best deals? Shop around. Get quotes from at least three insurance carriers or Edmonton insurance brokers, online or in person.
  • Will my credit rating affect my insurance premiums? More and more insurance companies do consider your credit rating in setting rates. As a rule, people with good credit have fewer accidents.
  • Do my occupation and affiliations affect my insurance costs? The personal, professional and alumni associations you belong to may have arrangements with insurance companies. Also, some insurance companies specialize in niche markets that target particular occupations like nurses or lawyers.
  • I have a clean driving record. Will I pay less for insurance? The fewer accidents and moving violations you have, the more likely you are to obtain insurance discounts. Other savings may be available to you if you are over 55. Or have you recently taken a defensive driving course? Do you carpool or take public transit to work? These and other factors can lower your premiums.
  • If I combine my other insurance policies with one carrier, will I save money? Insurance companies often offer discounts to multiple-policy clients, so shop around!
  • What happens if I raise my deductible? Raising your deductible means you will pay more if there is a claim, but it will reduce your premiums. Like many of the choices you make regarding insurance, it’s a judgment call. Informed insurance choices are crucial for peace of mind and maintaining a budget.

Call an Edmonton insurance broker today with your questions and concerns. Drayden Insurance has been helping people just like you with their car insurance needs for over 50 years. Remember, insurance brokers are there to serve you, not the insurance companies. Drayden Insurance— The Edmonton insurance broker par excellence!

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