Ready for the Spring Road?



Ready for the Spring Road?

Ready for the Spring Road

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Now that the temperature is rising, you might be thinking about how to get your car ready for the warm weather. Although winter prep is important, it is just as important to prepare for when the snow melts.

Here are a few tips for what you should do to get your car ready for spring:

  1. Clean Your Car – Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home! Winter slush is filled with salt, sand, and snowmelt products that can subject your vehicle to grime and dust, making it difficult for you to keep your car clean no matter how diligent you are. Spring provides the perfect opportunity to clean off the winter months-worth of buildup. Be sure to wash your car thoroughly including the undercarriage and body of your vehicle. Afterwards, apply a fresh coat of wax and polish to give your vehicle that brilliant shine! For that extra clean feel take advantage of the warm weather and vacuum your seats, wash your floor mats and clean the windows.
  1. Swap Your Tires – While many Canadians live in a climate that makes winter tires a safety necessity, but there are many tires available for people to choose from including All Season, All Weather, Winter, and Summer tires. It is important you have the right tire for the road conditions as it can help prevent accidents!
  1. Check Your Tire Alignment – Potholes are an unfortunate reality for us as they are present in our environment all year round. Winter driving especially can take its toll on your vehicle’s alignment when you strike a snowy hidden pothole. While you are changing out your tires or checking your vehicle during its spring cleanup, it’s a perfect opportunity to check out your tire alignment as well! Additionally, If you have all-season or all-weather tires, consider having them rotated.
  1. Examine Your Head Lights and Tail Lights – The salt and sand that is spread on the roads throughout our winter season can also wreak havoc on the exterior lights of your vehicle. It can cause wires to corrode and the cases to crack. During your spring cleanup, make sure you are inspecting all of your exterior lights for signs of damage, chips or other issues that may impact the durability and effectiveness of your vehicle’s lights.
  1. Brake Check! – Your vehicle’s brakes are vital to ensuring the safety and road-worthiness of your vehicle. Road salt can corrode the metal frames for your brake pads, impacting their functionality. You may not notice that damage until it is too late; your brakes should be checked every 6 months and spring is a great time to make an appointment!
  1. Replace Your Air Filter – With the warmer spring weather comes allergies, pollen and dust! Months of dust and debris has been freed from its frozen snowy confines and has been released into the world. If this dust and debris ends up in your air filter, it can impact the performance of your vehicle. Be sure swap that dirty air filter for a new one!
  1. Inspect Your Vehicle for Leaks – Make sure to check both the interior and exterior of your vehicle for leaks. Don’t just look at your windows, check places that are harder to see such as under your hood and tires. The engine, radiator and the rubber hoses may have signs of cracking and/or swelling from the cold winter weather that can lead to leaks and/or further damage.

Now that the sun has warmed us up and you have a few tips on how to get your vehicle ready for the spring roads, it is time to find a great Alberta trip to enjoy. Check these ones out at Happy Trails!

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