Motorcycle Drivers: Safe Riding Tips and Reminders



Motorcycle Drivers: Safe Riding Tips and Reminders

Staying safe on the roads is top priority for all drivers, but it is especially important for motorcycle drivers in Canada. With roads dominated by cars and trucks, as well as road conditions that can change in minutes during any season, staying alert and riding safe need to be top of mind while on your bike.


Here are a few safe motorcycle riding tips for the summer season and all through the fall. Enjoy the ride!

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Drive Smart

Whether you are bringing your motorcycle out of seasonal storage or have just bought your first bike, brushing up on some safe driving tips is always a good way to start the season:

  1. Wear the Right Gear – No matter how high the mercury rises, when you get on your motorcycle, you should be wearing long pants, over-the-ankle shoes and a specially designed jacket. Leathers are recommended, particularly for long drives, high traffic roads and unfamiliar territory. Never drive without a helmet and keep a spare for passengers who may be sharing the ride with you.
  2. Invest in Your Ride – Put your money into your bike by investing in parts that can save your life. Antilock brakes will allow you to stop with more control, so don’t consider this an optional or luxury feature on your ride. Take the time to research and choose a bike that fits you in terms of height, weight and reach. The right size bike will help you stay in control. Maintain your bike with regular tune ups and inspections so that when you need it, everything is working right.
  3. Drive Defensively – The reality is, most other vehicles on the road don’t have experience driving a motorcycle. That means they are less aware and considerate of other types of vehicles and don’t always share the road. Keep your guard up, stay alert, and assume that the driver is oblivious to your presence. Sudden movements, weaving and tailgating are bad ideas for all drivers, but they are particularly risky when you are on a motorcycle.
  4. Keep an Eye on the Weather – Whenever possible, avoid driving in bad weather conditions. Slippery roads, extreme winds and poor visibility make it extremely difficult to maintain control. Get off the roads when it starts to pour, as roads can become especially slick the first few minutes after it starts to rain. Avoid making sudden movements and reduce speeds to maintain control.
  5. Get Insured – Motorcycle insurance is a necessity that can be customized to protect you while driving and keep your ride safe from damages. Include liability, accident benefits, and emergency roadside services in your policy and enjoy loyalty discounts when applicable. Contact Drayden Insurance Ltd. to design your ideal motorcycle insurance policy.

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