Control Personal Insurance Costs with Home Locks



Control Personal Insurance Costs with Home Locks

Risk has invaded every aspect of our life and when it comes to home insurance in Edmonton, the antithesis of risk is security and for homeowner’s security comes in the form of having your doors and windows fitted with one of the locks approved by the home insurance industry.

At Drayden Insurance Ltd. we understand this and encourage our neighbors in Edmonton and throughout Alberta not to leave your life, livelihood, and home to chance. Our insurance brokers represent the majority of leading Canadian and International insurance providers and take the time to understand you, your family or your business’s specific insurance concerns to customize the perfect insurance coverage to fit your needs.

Security, like using the most advanced and approved home insurers locks, can give you a bit more peace of mind while also saving you some money on your home insurance premiums. Although there are many types of locks, the four most common are padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, and levers. When it comes to the types of front door locks that insurance companies approve, these include:

  • The five lever mortice deadlock;
  • Key operated multi point locking system;
  • Rim automatic deadlatch or night latch; and
  • Key operated window locks.

What’s key here is cost, and value – these locks represent higher grades of both with greater security features built in beyond the standard single key/lock mechanisms that are standard throughout Canada. For example:

  • Mortise cylinder locks are frequently found on commercial doors, entry glass doors, and some apartment doors. They are threaded and actually screw into mortise hardware that is mounted within the door and utilize a cam to actuate the locking hardware.
  • A double cylinder deadbolt is an example of a key operated multi point locking system that uses a key cylinder on the inside and the outside of the door meaning always requiring a key to open the door from the inside if it is locked. These however, have the clear disadvantage in a fire or other emergency situation.
  • A rim latch lock has a standard or custom rim cylinder on one side and a surface mount latch lock on the other. Rim latch locks can auto lock the door behind you and are popular in some apartment complexes. Rim latch locks are generally not meant to take a large amount of force but can be paired with other locks when used on an external door.
  • Finally, for maximum security all ground floor and accessible windows should have key operated window locks installed; so when these windows are not in regular use or you are not at home, make sure to lock them with a key.

Added security is one key tip on how to control your Personal Insurance costs, by installing theft deterrents on both your home and automobile. At Drayden Insurance Ltd we do a complete review of all your insurance policies to make certain you are carrying adequate limits (not too high or too low), as well as ensuring that you are receiving all discounts possible. Contact Drayden Insurance Ltd. to learn how to save even more on home insurance, at 780-482-6300 today in Edmonton – our team of insurance brokers look forward to customizing the perfect insurance coverage to fit your needs.

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