Getting Auto Insurance Discounts



Getting Auto Insurance Discounts

We’re always looking for new ways to save you money on your car insurance at Drayden Insurance in Edmonton. The next time you’re looking for auto insurance quotes, be sure to ask your broker if there are any usage-based insurance programs that you’re eligible for. Right now, our insurance brokerage is offering access to two usage-based insurance programs with car insurance in Edmonton that can not only lower your premiums, but they come with enrolment discounts that save you money immediately.


How do usage-based insurance programs work?

Although they’re slightly different, Intact Insurance’s my Driving Discount and Pembridge Insurance Company’s My_Bridge program are similar in that they’re usage-based insurance programs. This means that the amount you pay in premiums is partly based on how safe a driver you are. If you demonstrate that you’re a very safe driver, your premiums go down. More than simply not having speeding tickets or accidents, this program rewards the actively safe driving you do every day.

Both programs require that participants download an app or have a device installed in their car that records information about their driving habits in real time. If you’re interested in the program but are unsure if it’s for you, you can contact your broker at Drayden Insurance. 

Who is eligible for these programs?

If you’re looking for auto insurance quotes in the Edmonton area, now is a perfect time to look into these programs. You can only sign up for the program and if you decide it is not for you, you may cancel your participation at any time.

The point of usage-based insurance programs is to help both the insurance companies save money by identifying policy holders that are responsible, and help the customers themselves by providing incentives for good driving habits.

The next time you’re in the market for auto insurance and want to find the best car insurance quotes on the Edmonton market, contact us at Drayden Insurance. We can help find the policies that are right for you at a price that fits your budget.

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