Does Your Home Insurance Cover Storm Damage?



Does Your Home Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

In the past two years, the effects of extreme weather hit all Canadians hard. The largest insured disaster and Canada’s most costly natural disaster ever, was the record rainfall and resulting flooding in Alberta in June 2013, with an insured damage of over $1.74 billion.

Storm Damage and Home Insurance: Are You Covered?

Homeowners should always double check their insurance coverage to confirm what coverage’s they have. From falling trees to flooding to sewage backups due to heavy rains, not all of these damages are necessarily covered.

A study in 2012 by JD Power and Associates found that only 35 percent of Canadian customers have sewer backup coverage, while only 22 percent carry earthquake insurance.

Consider some of this type of damage caused by storms that may not be covered under your existing policy:

  • Storm Flooding: While you may be covered for indoor water damage caused by a burst pipe or appliance, storm flooding/overland water may be excluded from your policy. That means in heavy rains, if your home floods, you may be without coverage.
  • Sewer back Up : Recent changes to coverages could result in a lack of coverage in the event a storm causes a sewer back up
  • Earthquakes: Some homeowner’s insurance policies lack coverage for earthquakes.

 Luckily there are some things that will usually be covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies, including:

  • Hail
  • Trees falling onto roofs or into homes
  • Tornadoes
  • Wind damage

Have Your Policy Assessed for Storm Damage Insurance Coverage

Not all homeowner’s insurance policies are created alike. When you sign up for coverage, your agent typically considers risks and recommends policies based on those risks. It is always a good idea to check your policy and see what is covered and what storm damages may not be covered.

Drayden Insurance Ltd. can help you find adequate coverage for even the most severe storms. When a disaster strikes, do not simply hope that your policy will cover you. Instead, secure your peace of mind in knowing you have adequate storm damage coverage. To get started, call us at one of our convenient locations or contact us online.

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