Avoiding Ice Buildup on Your Roof



Avoiding Ice Buildup on Your Roof

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life. That’s why it’s important to make sure your house stays protected, even from things that seem as harmless as ice dams. Ice dams are created by frozen water on the roof of your home. The ice prevents water from properly flowing through your gutter and can cause it to leak through the shingles of your roof and into the home. At Drayden Insurance, we are one of the most trusted insurance brokerages in Edmonton. Our brokers will get you the best rates for your home insurance. Let our experts share some insight on how to deal with ice buildup on your roof.

Warning signs

Before we worry about what to do about ice dams, let’s go over how to spot them. Here are just a few telltale signs of possible ice buildup on your roof:

  1. Icicles hanging from your roof and gutters.
  2. Water dripping from the exterior of your home.
  3. Gutters are filled with ice.
  4. Any water penetrating your home.


One of the most obvious ways to prevent these dams from forming is to have the snow cleared from your roof periodically. Be careful though; this can be very dangerous, we recommend using a professional service for this task. In addition here are some other ice damming prevention tips:

  • Seal areas where air leaks from living areas into spaces just beneath your roof.
  • Insulate your living space properly and adequately.
  • Also ventilate the area between the insulation and roof sheathing. This will cause any leaked heat to be carried away, preventing melted snow on your roof.

This winter, don’t fall victim to needless home insurance claims. At Drayden Insurance, we take pride in providing the best service to our customers. Contact us today to make an appointment. Visit us for insurance quotes or to find brokers in Edmonton.

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