Auto Backup Camera Regulations



Auto Backup Camera Regulations

Do you know about new backup camera regulations?

It’s an undeniable fact that cars can be tools of extreme danger. It’s important to ensure that we do everything possible to keep our streets, and most of all pedestrians, safe. But how can we do that? According to Transport Canada, between the year 2004 and 2007, back-up accidents killed 27 people and injured 1,500. The Canadian government is looking to decrease these numbers by instituting a policy that dictates that all cars and small trucks manufactured after May 2018 will require a rear-view camera. Let us at Drayden Insurance walk you through the details and benefits of these new regulations.

How will a rear-view camera benefit you?

Over the years, Canada has consistently seen a rise of vehicle related deaths. This law, which will finally align us with the regulations that already exist in the U.S., will do a number of things to make the lives of Canadians both safer and easier. The rear-view camera allows you to see everything that happens directly behind your vehicle. It also allows the driver to see exactly what there is at ground level, instead of just things that are able to peak over the rear-view window of the car.

Beyond that, the addition of mandatory rear-view cameras could lower auto insurance rates for many Canadians. Safer vehicles mean better driving records, which may in turn result in lower insurance premiums for drivers with vehicles that fall under the new legislation.

What happens to my old car?

Vehicles that pre-date the new laws will not be affected. However, having a rear-view camera installed, may be  good idea. That way you can benefit from the enhanced safety of your vehicle, and possibly a financial break on your car insurance.

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