Alberta Registry



Alberta Registry

Many people take pride in the vehicle they choose, and enjoy the activity of driving, but can lose sight of the requirements of having proper legal documentation. This includes two important aspects: vehicle registration and driver’s license renewal in Edmonton.

Recently the Province of Alberta has changed the practice of sending vehicle registration and drivers license renewal reminders in the mail.  Therefore, it is particularly important for people in Edmonton to sign up for SMS texts or emails to receive vehicle registration and driver’s license renewal reminders.

Most people already have to balance work and family commitments, so keeping track of various obligations when it comes to their cars can fall by the wayside. Even scheduling regular car maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotations, can be easy to forget. That’s why signing up for SMS text or email reminders regarding your vehicle registration and driver’s license renewal in Edmonton can help ease some of that responsibility.

If you were previously receiving notifications in the mail from the Province of Alberta, SMS text and email reminders for vehicle registration and driver’s license renewal in Edmonton are simply meant to substitute the former method. If you have never signed up for reminders before, the process effectively helps alleviate some of the difficulty in remembering to fulfill those tasks. There is literally no downside.

Whether you are buying a new or used vehicle in Edmonton, and leasing or financing, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle registration and driver’s license are up-to-date through SMS text or email reminders for your own legal protection. Also ensure your car insurance is up to date and in force.  As going without proper coverage can create significant problems in the event of an accident or claim.

Some residents in Edmonton, upon purchasing a car, may not  have insurance set up for their vehicles. Drayden Insurance offers easy and affordable solutions to secure you or your family members against possible damage to your vehicle or potential claims you may experience. Car insurance automatically provides you with peace of mind because problems that could arise are immediately lessened by having insurance coverage.

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