Protecting Yourself From Smarter Thieves

It has been reported recently that thieves are now using technology to more effectively “Help themselves” to your belongings. They will discreetly break-in to your vehicle, see photo below, and steal maybe 1 or 2 credit cards from a purse or wallet or a few other subtle items but most importantly they’ll get your “Home” address off your GPS system. This way they can stake-out your home and wait for a time when your vehicle isn’t there and break-in to your residence. This is why they want the initial break-in to your car to be unnoticed.

Here are some Tips:
– Remove your actual home address from your GPS system ASAP!
– If you wish to list a “home address” choose the address of your local Wal-Mart or some other public building.
– Make sure to park your vehicle in a highly visible place when leaving your car in a parking lot.
– Do not leave valuables in sight inside the car.
– Lock your pink card and registration in your glove box at all times.
– Periodically walk around your car, daily if you are in a shopping center or other public parking areas.
– Report thefts immediately…. Bank w/missing cheque numbers, Credit Card Companies, Police, and also your Insurance Broker.

Take a look at a Red Deer Resident’s Account of events who reported this to his Insurance Broker.

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