Fall & Winter Safety tips

  1. Leaving your home for more than 4 consecutive days this winter? To keep your coverage valid ensure a competent adult checks your home daily, or alternatively maintain the heat and drain/shut off all water systems. For more details, check out the vacation safety tips tips below.
  2. Slips and falls are at an all time high and so are the related lawsuits. Please ensure your walkways are kept clean of snow & ice at all times.
  3. Cold winter driving can mean automobile breakdowns. Make sure your vehicles are properly winterized and you carry emergency supplies such as blankets, candles, flares, first aid kit, roadside emergency reflectors, etc.
  4. Winter driving means ice & slippery road conditions and a greater chance of accidents. Raise your headrests to a level even with the top of your head, slow down to a reasonable driving speed and ensure your tires are good for winter driving.
  5. Winter snowmobiling is great fun! Be safe though:
    • Alcohol & snowmobiling DO NOT MIX
    • Know your riding area
    • Keep your machine well maintained
    • Dress properly
    • Obey the law and follow the rules
    • Drive within your ability
    • Do not ride alone
    • Beware of darkness
    • Take great care over water
    • Exercise extreme caution in mountains – Avalanches Kill!
    • Also refer to the Alberta Snowmobile Associations’ safety tips listed under “Info Library” at
  6. Cold weather means cold vehicles; take the necessary precautions if you are leaving your vehicle running. Carry a spare set of keys, ensure your doors are locked and NEVER leave children unattended.
  7. This time of the year people often use their wood burning fireplace or candles. Do not leave these unattended and ensure they are completely out before leaving the house or going to bed.
  8. By making the top of your car seat headrest level with the top of your head you will greatly reduce neck and head injury if ever in an accident. A raised headrest will give your head and neck additional support.


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